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Podium Plus Competition Bowstrings® LLC was started in 2011 by Ron and Sandie Hardesty, both Professional competitive archers, with many local, State, National and World wins and records between them...and Ron will tell you Sandie has the greater share of them!

Ron has enjoyed a long working history in the archery industry as a very experienced bow technician, working on compound bows since 1976, with more than a couple decades of experience in high volume Pro Shops.
Ron, due to his valuable experience, will always keep the do-it-yourselfers, bow technicians and shop owners in mind when developing our advanced bowstrings.

Ron began building bowstrings on automated layup and finish machines in the early 90's. Ron quickly realized the enhanced consistency when building with machines, a consistency that cannot be done anywhere close building by hand.

In no time, Ron was gaining a reputation for building bowstrings that rivaled and surpassed the best available in the industry, with his inquisitive nature of how to do it better.
Ron still does this today, constantly seeking to provide the very best bowstrings available.

Sandie (Swirles-Duncan) worked 31 years in the families large welding supply business, having also included unique clients such as the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings and Fox Theater.

Sandie started shooting competitively in 1997, and it wasn't very long before Sandie was on top of the Podium and breaking records in the very competitive events she entered, and a few times where there was no women's class, Sandie would enter and win in the Men's class!
Sandie says it made her shoot harder, and the competitors welcomely encouraged her to enter.
Sandie has a fierce competitive spirit, along with a strong perseverance to succeed, which has led to Sandie's numerous wins and records, the majority of which was done shooting bowstrings Ron has built for her over the years.

Sandie brings her long managerial experience and guidance along with a strong dedication to the business, with the drive to provide perfection.

Both have been blessed with a trusted loyal following through the years.

From the very beginning, and still true today, they set out with the mindset to create and build the very best bowstrings for themselves, and then sell them to everyone else.

They set out in 2008 designing their own machines to do what couldn't, and wasn't, being done in the industry.
Built to their exacting specifications, the majority of the machines were in place by early summer 2011, with more added as completed.

After much testing, 100's of thousands of shots and many state and national records later, and the creation of their WinRZ90X® series of bowstrings, the company Podium Plus Competition Bowstrings®LLC was born.

Since its founding, Podium Plus Competition Bowstrings®LLC has been dedicated to serving the needs of archers with the latest advances in bowstring technology. With our knowledge of the archery industry, the shooters needs, and our cooperation with BCY fibers, we know how to develop, test, and provide the industry with the latest and best in advanced bowstring technology.

Podium Plus Competition Bowstrings®LLC leads the way in innovative bowstring improvement and product advancement, constantly experimenting with ways to adapt and incorporate the latest proven fibers into our bowstrings to clearly enhance the shooters overall archery experience.

Podium Plus Competition Bowstrings®LLC also uses feedback from amateur and professional tournament archers and hunters worldwide. We listen to your needs and we set out to provide you the shooter with the very best bowstrings that can be created!

"WinRZ90X®...Shooter Inspired. Shooter Desired.™"


This is why Podium Plus Competition Bowstrings®LLC WinRZ90X® bowstrings and cables are the fastest growing choice of hunters and target archers everywhere, quickly gaining a very loyal following!

Podium®, Podium Plus®, and WinRZ90X® are Registered Trademarks of Podium Plus Competition Bowstrings®LLC

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